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Rita Parkinson log illustration
RMBG 77 small.jpg

A beautiful historic botanic garden dating from 1846,  beautifully situated on the south side of the Yarra river in Melbourne. It is hard to do justice to a garden with over 8500 species ranged over lawns and lakes garden beds and of course many historic trees. There are over 30 distinct living plant collections.

Werribee River course IIlustrated Map
Werribee South Illustrated Map
Werribee River Trails Illustrated Map
Altona Beach. Landmarks and History Illustrated Mapo
Werribee Rose Garden Illustrated Map
Skeleton Creek Illustrated Map
K. Road Cliffs Illustrated Map
Campbells Cove Illustrated Map
Altona Beach Illustrated Map
Werribee Park Farm Illustrated Map
Cheetham Wetlands Observation Tower Illustrated Map
Werribee Park Gardens Illustrated Map
Sanctuary Lakes Illustrated Map
Point Cook Homestead Illustrated Map

Our hand drawn maps always start with the geography, but these map illustrations are intended to highlight the cultural, social and environmental conditions of the location in a unique way. Our maps are available as prints.

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