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This map was created in a ribbon form. It illustrates a loop walk that takes in the old beachside communities of Campbells Cove and Baileys Beach and their famous beach shacks. Wandering through the old beach settlements with their quirky fishing shacks painted in their unique styles, nestled between the local market gardens and the beach is a reminder of times gone by. Campbells Cove is a throwback to earlier times when communities like this of quirky, ad hoc buildings could be found all along the coast. Over time these fibro/weatherboard beach shacks were removed and very few of them remain today. But luckily this one did, and today it is treasured as a time warp of simpler times.

Campbells Cove Fishing shacks
Boathouse at Campbells Cove
Fishing shacks at Campbells Cove
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