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This map is drawn oi a ribbon map format. It illustrates the variety of terrain the river passes through. The River begins its journey in the Wombat Forest in North East Victoria. It follows a path through the woods until i it breaks free into the light as it meanders, guided by the contour of the land, past the wheat fields and dairy farms. Further along it enters through the dramatic tall cliffs of the Werribee gorge. On it goes, meandering through a patchwork of farming communities. other rivers and small creeks will merge to increase the flow. Its waters irrigate the market gardens of Bacchus Marsh. Further on it widens out into the Melton reservoir. In and out its curvy trail goes, as it heads towards the suburban outskirts of Wyndham. It glides through the city of Werribee with many parks and reserves by its side. It passes beneath the bridges to flow on pass the Open Range Zoo, the Werribee Mansion, the local golf club and the dramatic K Rd Red cliffs. At last, it reaches its estuary. On one side there is a wetland reserve, and on the other the Werribee South foreshore until  it becomes one with the sea at Werribee South.

1.  J.D Bellin Reserve. Werribee South
2. Grahams Wetlands Reserve. Werribee South. 
3.  K.Rd Cliffs. Werribee South. 
4. Werribee Park Mansion. Werribee South. 
5. Werribee River Park. Farm Rd.  
6. Chirnside Park. Werribee CBD
7. Wyndham Park. Werribee CBD
8. Werribee River Trail. Werribee CBD. 
9. Presidents Park. Wyndham Vale. 
10.Werribee River Linear Reserve. Werribee.  
11. Riverbend Historical Park. Werribee

12. Cobbledicks Streamside Reserve. Mt Cottrell.
13. Werribee Streamside Reserve. Mt Cottrell. 
14. Melton Reservoir. Melton 
15. Werribee Gorge. N.W. of Bacchus Marsh.  

This list is not exclusive.There would be many more access
points in country districts. 


Click here for a more detailed trail guide
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