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K.Road Cliffs. A home for many rare migrating seabirds

The map illustrates a loop of the Werribee River. The cliffs are set into the outer curve and face a small billabong set into the inner side, home to many water birds, migrating and local. You can view the scene from the RED CLIFF LOOKOUT with its picturesque Picnic Gazebo and the BBQ tables set near to the carpark. You can see out over the river to the golf course and the Werribee River Park. Looking further across the farmlands you can see the peaked outline of the You Yangs in the distance. But the best view of the red cliff escarpment, you will need to go to the opposite side of the river loop.

Just a few of the birds that you might catch on any day are several varieties of cormorant, the great, little pied and the little black. The royal spoonbill, pelicans, several species of ibis, the pacific black duck, the nankeen heron, the dusky moorhen, red necked stints and many more. You could even see a laughing kookaburra. On the map cartouche I have featured the Australasian darter and a white-faced hero, both looking for their lunch.

Click here fro a more detailed trail guide 
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